Just last month, our own Matt Bradshaw brought us the possibility that Guillermo del Toro, the man responsible for Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth, would be bringing an H. P. Lovecraft novella to film -- At the Mountains of Madness. It's a creepy story about explorers who find the remnants of a pre-human society of aliens in the icy cold landscape of Anarctica. As Matt reported, del Toro has been working on an adaptation for years, and now it seems like his work will reap large rewards, if Latino Review has any say about it.

According to the website, they got their hands on a version of del Toro's script for Mountains, and it has inspired one hell of a fanboy response from El Mayimbe. According to the reviewer, who has read the story: "Folks, off the bat, Guillermo and his writing partner f**king nailed it!" He says it's full of action, adventure, sci-fi and monsters -- which sounds Lovecraftian so far. Along with the article's glowing praise is a long run-through of the first act, complete with more super-excited exclamations. Myself, I've never read any of Lovecraft's work, but I can't help but start to feel the tingle of anticipation in the face of such excitement, especially when it comes from the hands of del Toro.

[via Arrow in the Head/JoBlo]
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