In a world where animation often comes from the likes of young artistic animators and superHiro effects artists, Hayao Miyazaki is today's Walt Disney -- older and very successful. The man turned 67 yesterday, and with many years and vast achievements under his belt, rumor has it that he's set to retire. But first, he's completing his super-secret current film. Rumors have been circling over what the film will be about, but now the cat might be out of the bag -- or be a hopeful ploy to de-rail us.

According to Film Ick, it has been confirmed that the rumors that started circulating in 2005 are true -- he is adapting a Chinese children's novella named I Lost my Little Boy. (Does this go against what he told R30 in July, that the film's title will use the word "no" twice, or is he just changing the name? Or, are we all just going crazy in small rumor morsels and false information?) Anyhow, the film revolves around a boy dying from heart disease who still manages to go on great adventures. What's even more interesting than the plot is how it came to be. The Ick story claims that the novella is "very obviously inspired" by Miyazaki, and rumor has it that Totoro is mentioned in the book. If the latest word is right on key, it'll be interesting to see how Miyazaki adapts a work that is an adaptation of his own work. Will it become hyperreal? That just might be the case since Wikipedia has news that he's creating the film's storyboards in watercolor because of the movie's "unusual visual style."

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