Word has been spinning around about Luc Besson and his latest, and at one point reportedly last film, Arthur and the Invisibles (Minimoys) for a while now. It has that kid who seems to appear in everything, a whackload of famous names attached, and the spinning hubub over Besson's alleged retirement. While it was looking to be a really interesting animated offering, the response hasn't been too good so far -- Rotten Tomatoes has 2 out of 10 fresh tomatoes, and one of the fresh ones has rotten spots. Now, the film seems to be getting a deadly blow from The Academy Awards.

According to Cartoon Brew, Arthur is being officially disqualified from consideration for Best Animated Feature. The film, which is part live action and part animation, apparently has less animation than first anticipated -- under 75%. While this is a blow for Luc and the Weinsteins, it is also a blow for the possible nominees, unless the people behind the golden statues bend the rules. Before Arthur's removal, there were 16 eligible features, and 16 is the magic Oscar number, as Scott Weinberg told us in November. When there are at least 16 options, there are 5 nominee places. However, when the eligible number dips below 16, we only get 3.

The animation race was looking to be a great moment for the Oscars this year, with competition from the likes of Cars, Flushed Away, and even A Scanner Darkly. But what will come of it now? Personally, I think they should just keep Arthur in and let him get axed by the competition, thereby securing us the broader race we were hoping for. If current rumblings are true, Arthur has already shot himself in the foot anyway. ...
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