You're a budding short film maker, that is to say a maker of film shorts, and not a height-challenged director, but you have a problem ... where do you submit your films for consideration? Besides the Sundance Film Festival and a slew of other places to put your films (YouTube, iFilm, your own blog, etc), none of them really takes much advantage of the short film format and puts it somewhere that allows you take the film with you.

Enter The Flux and their 2007 iPod Film Festival. They're looking for a few good films under ten minutes in length, and you can win prizes that include iPods (of course) and a Mac Mini. Plus, there will be the glitz and glamor that comes along with your newfound celebrity status to deal with. It's free to enter, they have several different categories and they want you.

With so many cameras available on the cheap, (your cell phone might even have a built in video feature, check it out Spielberg) it's high time you unleashed your creativity and made 2007 the year that you finally start making your own movies. After all, Time Magazine named You the person of the year, so you have a lot to live up to. Get rolling and make some magic.
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