Well guys, it has become a semi-weekly ritual these days, but today provides us with one of the more interesting installments. Yes, it is time to drag out some new images of the "updated" Transformers look courtesy of Michael Bay and company. Today's images come to us from the ever-present IESB, and are, in fact, the covers of a Transformers sticker book and a Transformersmovie novel. They feature two of the characters we've seen the most of -- Bumblebee and Optimus Prime -- in full glory, striking action poses like champions. The shots are a bit grainy and color-weak, but they certainly convey the style of the new Transformers look.

I need your help, fans. I continue to be particularly unimpressed with the look I've seen from the new flick, and I find myself entirely unable to divorce any notions of the film from my already pre-disposed negative opinions of Michael Bay. I'm certain this has tainted any objectivity I should have towards the film, and I find myself unable to think about it objectively. But I want to look forward to this film -- I desperately want to get behind the idea of a renovated Transformers. So if you've got any positive angles, pitch them to me. I'm all ears.
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