And just when you thought he was retiring from directing, Luc Besson is back baby -- the man has officially announced, not one, but two upcoming sequels to what will essentially be an Arthur trilogy. First, as many of you are already aware (since it's currently playing in theaters, and expanding domestically next week) is Arthur and the Minimoys, based off the first two volumes from the Besson-penned fantasy book series.

We recently got word that if Minimoys did well at the box office (and with the audience), Besson would begin adapting Arthur and the Forbidden City, the second book in the series. However, according to Variety, they claim Minimoys combines both the first and the second book -- which means Forbidden City is out, and the next two pics will revolve around volumes three and four. Seeing as Minimoys has already passed the five million admission mark in France (already surpassing Besson's other films, save for The Big Blues and The Fifth Element), the writer-producer-director has taken out a four-page ad in a French trade magazine that claims Arthur and the Vengeance of Malthazar is coming in 2009 and Arthur and the War of Two Worlds is coming in 2010.

Now, I should note that nowhere in the article does it mention that Besson will indeed be helming the next two installments, though all signs point to him directing -- I mean, they are his babies. The epic story blends live action with animation, and follows a little boy named Arthur (Freddy Highmore) who finds himself transported to a magical land underneath his yard packed full with creatures called Minimoys.

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