And then there were three. For the third weekend in a row, and the first of 2007, Night at the Museum took top spot at the box office raking in a hefty $24 million. That's $164.1 million domestic dollars in three weeks! Obviously folks are enjoying the latest Ben Stiller comedy and telling their friends about it, although around these parts the buzz hasn't been too good -- apparently some folks like a little more story with their, well, story.

Once again, Will Smith finished right behind its badly-written nemesis, yet managed to distance itself from first place even more, as The Pursuit of Happyness claimed only $13 million. High praise (and it's appearance on almost every year-end top ten list) helped Children of Men ($10.3 million) sneak past the "important" movie of the weekend, Freedom Writers ($9.7 million and fourth), for a third place finish. Rounding out the top five (and expanding from 852 to 1200 theaters next week), Dreamgirls remained hot, taking in $8.8 million. The final two big debut films made their grand entrance in a very mediocre kind of way -- Happily N'Ever After finished sixth (despite the horrific reviews) with $6.8 million, and nothing could mop up the mess caused by Code Name: The Cleaner; it sloppily stuck itself in eleventh place with $4.6 million.

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