Like any good movie fan, I have my own fully developed set of pre-dispositions when it comes to certain actors/directors/writers, etc. You know how it is -- there are some people you just inherently trust to provide you with quality work. Likewise, there are similar characters which immediately instill feelings of fear and disgust. This doesn't mean you can always predict the quality of a film brought to you by one of these folks (for instance, I love William H. Macy, and dude is in some awful movies), but it does give you somewhere to start. For me, Doug Jones is very near the top of the list, despite his somewhat atypical body of work. I can't speak to the quality of every film Jones is in, but I can almost categorically promise that I will love his performance in it.

Delightfully, Jones has signed on to two of my very favorite comic book franchises, landing major character roles in both Hellboyand The Fantastic Four. Jones has recently completed work on FF2, and is gearing up for work on Hellboy 2, and in the downtime chatted just a bit with IF Magazine. He said to expect a lot more screen time for Abe Sapien in the Hellboy sequel, and a great buddy role with Hellboy. Of the Four he said very little, because he wasn't sure what he was allowed to discuss. He did, however, note: "I'm going to play it safe and say that it would be difficult to introduce the Silver Surfer without Galactus having some kind of presence in the film."
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