Ever since I first heard that the Sundance Channel was entering the Second Life world with their own little island, I was interested in learning more about this virtual society -- which was kind of like The Sims meets the real world. Needless to say, after about five minutes my mind was blown, and I couldn't quite wrap my head around everything going on inside. Part of me was afraid those five minutes would turn into 24 hours -- which would turn into days -- and I would soon be lost partying it up with some virtual girl named Electra Fox, in some virtual club, while my very real wife hit me over the head with a reality check hammer.

For independent film fanatics, the Sundance Island could be a pretty cool place to check out -- if only for the planned screenings and special Q&A sessions currently in the works. In fact, one of my favorite little gems from this year, Four Eyed Monsters, will be premiering tomorrow (that's January 9) at 8PM EST -- becoming the first feature film to do so within the Sundance Second Life world. The film will play (for free) in the Sundance Channel Screening Room, as well as a host of other places (Crayon, Laguna Beach Club, The Elbow Room, The Shelter, etc ...), in order to accommodate all those that want to attend. Each screening room can only hold 50 people, and during (and following) the Monsters screening, directors Arin Crumley and Susan Buice will be on hand (as their Second Life avatars) to answer questions from those in attendance.

You can find out more about the Four Eyed Monsters screening from the filmmakers themselves via their brand new, super cool podcast (which includes a list of all the venues where their film will be screening). And, for more on the Sundance Second Life island, check out their blog.