the 2007 predictions for a minute; let's talk about the biggest movie of 2009: Avatar. Fox has officially greenlit the James Cameron project, which is set for release in 2009. The film will have a budget of $200 million, will be exhibited in 3-D, will feature groundbreaking special effects designed by Cameron and Peter Jackson's effects shop, Weta, and will return the director to science fiction. Production on live-action sequences begins in April. Now, don't you wish we could just skip over the next two years' worth of sure-to-be-mediocre blockbusters? I'm thinking of going into one of those deep sleeps that Ripley and crew sink into in the Alien movies.

It has been nearly a decade since James Cameron gave us a disappointing mix of grand spectacle and badly written, melodramatic fluff, and we should all be past the forgiving stage already. Yes, Titanic is one of the best examples of a movie in which amazing special effects nearly make up for an otherwise weak script, but the novelty of its visuals faded pretty quickly with its release on video. I'm really, really, really hoping that with all of Cameron's time developing the effects for Avatar, he isn't forgetting about the substance of the screenplay.
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