Happy Monday y'all. Hopefully you're having a sunnier and less odorous day than those of us in Manhattan. Here's what our box office oracle Patricia predicted would top the movie charts this past weekend:

1. Night at the Museum
2. The Pursuit of Happyness
3. Dreamgirls
4. Happily N'Ever After
5. Children of Men

And the actual top five (drum roll, please):

1.Night at the Museum - $24 million
2.The Pursuit of Happyness - $13 million
3. Children of Men- $10.3 million
4. Freedom Writers - $9.7 million
5. Dreamgirls - $8.8 million

Get the full box office report here.

Ben Stiller in Night at the Museum
Ben Stiller's family adventure 'Museum' continued to trample the competition, raising its total to $164.1 million and proving that parental favorites in kiddie stories (see 'Elf') is one formula for box office gold. Another formula: Will Smith. The star's father-son drama held down second for the third straight week, and its not so bad being a bridesmaid when you're staring at $124.2 M and climbing. Patricia showed little faith in 2007's first slate of openers, predicting the 'Shrek'-like 'Happily N'Ever After' as the only top-5 finisher. Instead it was Hilary Swank's motivational teach-flick 'Freedom Writers' (AKA 'The Next Dangerous Mind') that found its way to fourth.

Congrats to liesse00, who nailed a perfect 16 in this week's contest. Go on with your bad self, liesse00. Check out the top 10 scorers thus far, and make sure to come back and play again this Friday.

Name - This Week/Overall

    1. Patricia - 9 points/122 points

    2. zsxxx03 - 9/121

    3. chrisnbn - 9/109

    4. Mario/crzydcguy84 - 4/99

    5. Bubba8193 - 9/ 85

    6. Tangoeco - 0/69

    7. Isaac/laraeruiz - 8/66

    8. Liesse00 - 16/62

    9. bostons leppard - 7/48

    10. Evilone1414 - 7/19

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