As a kid, I left a trail of grandoise plans at my heels, and one of them was Eloise, en Français. Having just started to learn the language, and being able to say little more than "Quel temps fait-il?" and a barrage of numbers and colors, I found the French version of Eloise. It was to be my first fully-read and comprehended foreign language book, sure to be followed by many other French masterpieces. Well, my French classes turned into Spanish, and I was never able to read the book cover-to-cover.

Of course, Eloise has stuck around, and is now finding her way to the big screen to mock me and my unfinished French education. The freshly re-launched Handmade Films, which was originally set up by George Harrison, is picking the tale of the energetic young girl as their first movie back in the biz, according to Variety. Nigel Cole, who recently directed the Helen Mirren-starring Calendar Girls, has signed on as director of Eloise in Paris. Kay Thompson's classic has been adapted by Janet Brownell and Erin Joslyn -- the former has had experience writing for Eloise's television treatment, and this is Joslyn's first screenplay. While the television series remained Liza Minnelli-free, it would be nice to see the actress make an appearance, since she is Thompson's god-daughter, and sometimes rumored to be a model for Eloise.
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