• A.I. Bezzerides(1908-2006) - Novelist and screenwriter who wrote the book Long Haul, which was adapted into They Drive By Night, as well as the scripts for Kiss Me Deadly, On Dangerous Ground, Juke Girl and Thieves' Highway, which was based on his novel Thieves' Market. He died January 1, in Los Angeles.
  • Frank Campanella(1919-2006) - Actor (pictured) who appeared in Seconds, The Producers (1968), Pretty Woman, The Flamingo Kid, Dick Tracy and Raising Helen. He died December 30, in San Fernando Valley, California. (Examiner)
  • Chandralekha(c.1928-2006) - Indian dancer who worked as a choreographer for Kaya Taran. She died of cervical cancer December 30, in Chennai, India. (NY Times)
  • Ben Gannon(c.1952-2007) - Australian producer of Gallipoli, The Heartbreak Kid and Hammers Over the Anvil. He also produced the stage musical The Boy From Oz. He died of lung cancer January 4, in Sydney. (Yahoo Australia)
  • Judy George(c.1932-2006) - Writer of the story for The Two Little Bears. She died of lung cancer December 31. (LA Times)
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