What do you know ... it works! Granted, a true silent movie would feature a lot more dramatic looks and inserts of title cards with the lines on them like, "Look! Han! A TIE fighter! Eek!" and so on. Yet strangely, this holds together real well and drops the Star Wars universe into uncharted territory. If George Lucas had been around when movies were first invented, what sort of stuff would he be putting out? Would it have looked anything like this?

The world may never know, unless of course time travel is invented and someone shoves George through. Of course, he would probably re-release his movies each time a new musical instrument came out. "Battle in the Stars -- now with musical accompaniment on new Lucas Harpsichord!" Plus he'd splice in a lot of new footage and force theater patrons to come see it again.

Anyhow, I hope I don't sound bitter. Too much. I love the original Star Wars flicks, and this little silent film mashup that condenses all three of them into a little over a minute long is a fun diversion for a Monday. Give it a whirl and take a break from your day.
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