What could be more safe than heading out to a weekend concert and planning to indulge in drugs, sex and other debaucherous activities? In reality, you might end up with something like Woodstock '99, a grim reality of drunken jerks, fire and several accounts of rape. However, in the fictional world where serial killers run rampant across the globe and never seem to die, things can get much more interesting. Indulging in drugs and sex are big horror movie no-no's, and are a sure sign of imminent death.

Such is the case for David Arquette's The Tripper, which Cinematical has been following for a while. Now, according to Horror-Movies.ca, the flick is set for release on June 20, in over 500 theaters -- that is, if they don't forget to send the film. Ah, Mr. Arquette ... you can't help but like him and his oafishness! As far as horror movies go, this could be a great breakthrough, if he follows the formula of the first Scream -- creepy anxiety mixed with giggles. Tripper has the basics, as well as a Ronald Regan-obsessed killer. Will the young hippies defeat him through the power of Alzheimer's? Or maybe Jason Mewes is only secretly high, and will defeat the killer with trickery? Or maybe Paul Reubens will ... okay, I won't go there.
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