Being a few years into the twenty-first century, animals and humans have been through a lot. Our poor animal friends have dealt with clubbing, being used for coffee harvesting and all sorts of extinction. Us humans have dealt with our own share of hardships, from holy crusades to Kevin Federline's "music." For the most part, we've existed separately, living differently and sometimes loving similarly. But there are those out there who want to traverse the human/animal wall, and Zoo, a new documentary by Robinson Devor, details what can happen when a man loves... a horse.

Yes, this isn't a tale of a young girl and her horse, which is the usual Hollywood horse theme, but of a real man who loved horses just a little too much. You might have heard of the story that made headlines in 2005 (we did mention it a couple times -- how could we not?): Kenneth Pinyan was a man who had a prolific collection of horse sex videos under the name "Mr. Hands." One warm July day, while receiving sex from a stallion so terribly, yet aptly named "Bullseye," Pinyan received fatal anal injuries and died. Now, after only screening a few minutes of the movie, THINKFilm has picked up the rights for the controversial documentary, which will be screened at Sundance this year. John Cooper, Sundance programmer, insists that the film is "as smart as it is eloquent," and investigates just "how much perversity we can tolerate in others." Maybe the bigger question is how much perversity the moviegoing audience can handle before we either get too disgusted to continue watching, or so grossed out that we can't help but guffaw.