Do I need to tell you that it's Elvis Presley's birthday? I figured everyone would remember. I considered posting a still photo from one of those classic Elvis movies, like Blue Hawaii or Jailhouse Rock. However, I decided to shun the obvious and go for an image from The King's last feature film, Change of Habit, in 1969. I had never heard of this film until I found the above photo and started doing a little research. That's Mary Tyler Moore in the nun's habit. The film is a straightforward drama that stars Presley as a doctor in a charity clinic, who is assisted by several nurses who are secretly nuns, but have decided to shed their habits so they can connect better with people. Naturally, this means that one of them will be tempted by romantic possibilities with Dr. Elvis. Should Moore's character give up her life as a bride of Christ in order to follow The King? Change of Habit does contain some of Presley's music (the good doctor carries a guitar with him), but it's not a full-blown musical like Presley's earlier films. The Onion's AV Club has a good review of the movie -- with spoilers, so beware if you have any intention of seeing this film and don't want the ending ruined.

Here in Austin, a local movie theater (Alamo Drafthouse, natch) is commemorating The King's birthday by showing Viva Las Vegas with a menu that includes fried peanut butter-and-banana sandwiches. I am a little tempted to go. If you're not in Austin and don't have time to rent one of Presley's movies, visit our sister site TV Squad, where you can watch some clips of Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show.
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