Yes, we now officially have another name to throw in the Wonder Woman pot -- this time around, it's actress Sophia Bush who seems to be raising more than a few eyebrows. IESB recently sat down with Bush to discuss her role in The Hitcher remake, and decided to bring up a rumor they had heard awhile back but never wrote about. When asked whether she had discussed playing Wonder Woman with the powers that be, Bush simply replied, "Maybe." Oh, and then she smiled.

Bush's name has now been added to a long list of potential actresses up for the role, which includes Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, Charisma Carpenter, Jessica Biel, American Idol's Katherine McPhee (chalk that one up as the most bizarre), Rachel Bilson and Cinematical's own Kim Voynar. (Keep in mind, Kim has nothing whatsoever to do with Wonder Woman, but I thought it would be fun to toss her name into the mix as well. Go Kim!)

Though we still don't know exactly where Joss Whedon is in the production process (re-writing draft 15, perhaps?), it can't be long before his star is announced. As far as Sophia Bush goes, she fits the perfect age range (unlike back when she was replaced by Claire "Why am I so boring" Danes in Terminator 3 for being "too young"), certainly looks the part (then again, there are thousands of pretty brunettes out there in La La Land) and, according to IESB, she has a kick-ass physique -- one that's capable of, well, kicking ass. So I guess we'll see -- is "maybe" with a smile enough to get excited? Not for me ... but I could care less about a big-screen version of Wonder Woman. Your thoughts?

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