A lot of people find this contradictory, but while I love horror films, I can not stand slasher movies. They all have an overwhelming sameness. Mix a big guy with a mask, nasty pointy weapons (usually of the lawn and garden or culinary variety), and fornicating teens. Simmer until tepid and serve to an undemanding audience. Movies of this type just seem so unimaginative.

I'm just as surprised as anyone, though, that the Halloween remake has grabbed my attention. Director Rob Zombie seems to be building his film career around pastiches of 70s style horror, and I've enjoyed his films House of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects. According to Bloody Disgusting, Ken Foree -- best known for his starring role in George Romero's Dawn of the Dead -- will be playing a truck driver named Big Joe Grizzley. Now, Dawn of the Dead was a zombie film, Halloween is being directed by a Zombie. It just seems like a natural fit. Foree and Zombie, of course, have a history as the two worked together on The Devil's Rejects.

Casting announcements have been slipping out of the Rob Zombie camp pretty regularly of late, and most of them are nicely summarized in Scott Weinberg's posting from just a few days ago. I'm not sure why, but I like the notion that the Mom From E.T.is doing a movie with that guy from Dawn of the Dead, and that other guy who killed Captain Kirk.
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