It seems that Renee Zellweger, the lady of quirky diaries and bunny creation seems to be quite interested in the pigskin lately. She's not doing Bridget Jones 3, or Bridget Jones Way Too Many, so she definitely has the time. In December, Erik Davis shared news that Zellweger would be joining The Office'sJohn Krasinski in George Clooney's Leatherheads, which is a player - fiancee - coach football love triangle. Now, she is looking for a little football of the biopic variety.

According to The Guardian, Zellweger is going to play a foster mother of current pro football prospect Michael Oher -- a left tackle prominently featured in the popular book by Michael Lewis -- The Blind Side - Evolution of the Game, which the film is based on. It's one of those feel-good success stories, much more than the likes of Rudy. Oher was a large, poorly-educated African-American teen who was brought into a wealthy, white Republican family. It seems that she'll pick up the role of Leigh Anne Tuohy, the woman who, along with her husband, steers Oher into football. He got an education, and is now thought to be one of the leading pics for pro football.

What should make the movie a little more interesting than Zellweger being motherly, or yet another story about solid white folk inspiring a poor, down-trodden African-American kid is Oher himself. The Guardian ends with a story about how Oher handled once being insulted during a school match -- he picked the player up, carried him off the field and when asked, he explained that he "was going to put him back on the bus."
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