Internet buzz is all John Penney needed to give his flick some much needed press. Zyzzyx Road has been in the online gossip circuit for the past week -- it all started with Chud and quickly made its way around the net, eventually landing in Variety(who, as most of you know by now, failed to credit Chud as its source) For those completely out of the loop, Zyzzyx Road made a total of $30 during its release in Texas over the span of a week. Well, not a week, rather, six days back in late February. Thirty dollars. That equaled six movie tickets total! Pretty brutal, even considering Katherine Heigl -- who is on Grey's Anatomy, currently one of the top five rated TV shows -- is the lead actress in the film.

Zyzzyx Road is a story about a cheating husband (Leo Grillo) who heads to Vegas to become entagled in a passionate romance with -- from what the trailer depicts -- a female (Heigl) with multiple identities. She's a con artist maybe? I'm not positive. Said woman's threatening boyfriend (Tom Sizemore) jumps back into the picture and is murdered by the couple. The body disappears and the horror begins as Heigl and Grillo defend their lives against an unidentifiable threat.

The synopsis given by John Penney and the trailer found on YouTube tell different tales; neither of which sound interesting. Grillo, who was also executive producer, explains (in a brand new Variety article that actually credits Chud, yet hysterically refers to their own plagarism as a "throwaway non-mention") the film's lack of box office success as a way to abide by SAG work standards without sacrificing possible American buyouts for theatrical release or DVD sales.

This unexpected Internet attention isn't a bad position for Grillo to be in. Especially as Internet companies -- Myspace and Netflix -- are playing the roles of producers and distributors. All of this much needed attention could land Zyzzyx Road a deal, veering it off of its dead end path.

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