Every time Apple has a big event, tech fans go crazy. These events mean big announcements of big products and services. In other words, they mean exciting things for computer technology -- exciting enough that sites like TUAW need to live blog every few minutes in order to satisfy the geek appetite for immediate updates (MacRumors went way overboard on this idea).

Since September, Apple events have allowed movie geeks to join in the frenzy. But what could Apple announce to the cineworld that would top news that iTunes offers movies? Probably nothing for awhile, but at least the company can announce the availability of other studios' titles. Actually, I wonder if Apple's true reason for not immediately offering more than just Disney titles is that they wanted to hold off each studio's participation for separate events (I prefer the Wal-Mart bully reason, because it is more fun to hate Wal-Mart than Apple).

Well, today is another Apple event called MacWorld 2007, and rumors were circulating the web and the press about what new products and services would be announced. And although they were only rumors, the very idea that something would be announced made Apple's stock go way up. The major rumor for us at Cinematical, generated by the Wall Street Journal, was that Paramount/Viacom would be the second studio to distribute movies to iTunes.