This might just be a marriage made in cheesy Baltimore heaven. On the one hand, you've got the prolific King of Filth, John Waters. The man not only delights in the usually undelightable, but he makes it look classy and seem perfectly sensible. The strange and perverse are his playground, and he particularly delights in controversial media names -- which is why Patricia Hearst pops up in all of his films these days. However, she might have to start fighting for his affections, as it seems like he's ready to wash in the current name of unpopularity -- Kevin Federline.

It makes perfect sense. Federline has been a media trainwreck ever since he left his pregnant girlfriend, Shar Jackson, for one Miss Britney Spears. From there, each morsel has gotten more terrible than the last. He turned people off with Chaotic and then assaulted our ears with his debut CD, Playing with Fire. Following tradition, where other people cringe, John Waters chuckles with glee, the lone Federline fanboy thrusting his lighter high into the air. In an interview with, he is imagining his marriage to the media train-wreck while bad-mouthing Kevin's latest forgotten love interest. Now this would be something to bump up his cred. A marriage to Waters might be just what the guy needs now that Britney isn't around to prop him up. Unfortunately, I doubt they'll follow Alan Cumming and Grant Shaffer down the aisle. However, Waters giggled at the thought of casting Federline in his upcoming films. He's already used portions of Hearst's life to bring Cecil B. Demented to the screen, so maybe it's time Waters gave the music world his brand of Baltimore sleaze.
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