Several years ago I got involved in three locally shot horror movies directed by a fellow who had aspirations to become a makeup effects artist like Tom Savini. None of these shot on VHS films ever went anywhere, in fact I only ever saw one in its completed form, but as a lifelong horror geek I have to confess there's nothing cooler than coming home covered in fake blood after a hard day on the set. On a couple of occasions I looked like I had fallen down several times in a busy slaughterhouse. The odd glances from the neighbors made it all worthwhile. Sadly, I resisted the temptation to knock on the door of the apartment across the hall and ask to borrow a couple of trash bags, just to see what would happen.

If you've harbored a lifelong fantasy to be doused with Karo syrup and latex (and who amongst us hasn't?) I highly suggest you head on over to the official website of the remake of The Hitcherand click on the link that says "Get Killed on Film Sweepstakes" (or you can get there directly by clicking here). While I hold no high hopes for The Hitcher, the contest looks like it could be a real hoot for the winner who will be the "star" of a death scene in an upcoming Rogue picture. Beyond that, details are rather vague, but what have you got to lose... besides your life, and perhaps your very soul.

[Via Fangoria]
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