I know, one picture shouldn't really be enough to get excited about. However, as I am a huge fan of the Richard Matheson novel on which the I am Legend film is based and have always liked The Omega Man -- the Charlton Heston starrer also loosely based on Matheson's story -- I can't help myself. Several years ago when I first heard they were going to do a new film version of the story, it was supposedly going to be a vehicle for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Fortunately, that idea soon evaporated and then the script went through many, many changes with many directors attached or "in talks." I was pretty thrilled when Ridley Scott was supposedly doing the film and I was even able to muster a great deal of enthusiasm when he left and was replaced by Rob Bowman. Then, when the film couldn't get going finally due to creative or budget reasons (probably both) I pretty much put it out of my mind and consoled myself by watching my laser disc version of The Omega Man.

Now that the film is back in business and has what I feel is a pretty good star in the title role, Will Smith, it's back on my radar and will be one of those films I jump at the chance to see as soon as possible. Fortunately, I get to at least have a picture to tide me over until the film's release. In the pic, posted up over at IGN, Will Smith, as lone plague survivor Robert Neville, is shown walking his dog down a quiet LA street. His dog doesn't appear to be on a leash but at least Smith has his AR-15 handy in case of attack by mutants, so that's good. Ok, enjoy this pic and as more become available, we'll bring 'em to you right here at Cinematical.
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