If you've never stumbled across the musical genre "nerdcore" (or "geeksta rap," something of a subgenre), you're in for a treat. As soon as you are finished reading this post, I want you to look up Optimus Rhyme, MC Frontalot, or YTCracker, and listen to some of their music. Just within those three performers, you'll find entire albums dedicated to Transformers (Generation One, of course) and the NES. Essentially, this is hip-hop music created by a generation of internet geeks with a set of hobbies you're used to finding at comic conventions. And holy cow, is it pure money. You're initial reaction is probably to consider it a one trick pony -- and it's funny because it smashes together two cultures which are typically seen to be very different -- but it will likely stay a niche genre, because the lyrics and content serve a very specific culture, albeit a culture which has reasonably wide appeal these days.

So why am I telling you about an odd subculture of hip-hop music on a movie website? You guessed it -- here comes the documentary! Admittedly, I'm a bit of a documentary sucker, and will watch them on nearly any subject, but this is one I'm really jazzed about. The official trailer for Nerdcore Rising, a documentary which follows genre star MC Frontalot on a national tour,is now live on the web. Go watch it -- it has the Penny Arcade guys and Weird Al -- how can you go wrong? And stay tuned to Cinematical, because I plan to follow this documentary.