Usually the only connection I make with Pink Floyd and kid's movies is images of black light posters and timing The Wizard of Oz just right. This time, it looks like the connection is going to be a little more conventional. reported that Roger Waters, of Pink Floyd fame was writing an original song titled Hello, I Love You for The Last Mimzy. The film is a family -friendly sci-fi story about a box of toys sent from the future that take on a life of their own, with varying results; and stars Joely Richardson, Timothy Hutton, Michael Clark Duncan, and Rainn Wilson. Getting Waters to contribute a song to the film was quite an achievement, as this is only the second time Waters has recorded an original song for a film. Waters worked with both the director Bob Shaye and Award-winning composer Howard Shore (The Lord of the Rings trilogy) on the song, which will be used in the film and played over the end credits. Waters seems happy with the finished product, saying, "I think together we've come up with a song that captures the themes of the movie, the clash between humanity's best and worst instincts, and how a child's innocence can win the day". Family movies are a tough sell for me at the best of times, so I'll probably just stick to watching Munchkins dancing to Money.
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