It doesn't seem like Irvine Welsh is having much luck with his film career; it's been years since anyone has heard a peep about a possible Trainspotting sequel, and now a production of Ecstasy in Scotland has shut down.

An article in reports that the entire Scottish production team has been scrapped, and the film's start date has set back for March at the earliest. The film is based on Welsh's book of the same name and follows a drug dealer who tries to escape his past for true love, only to hit some complications along the way. Knowing Welsh's sense of humor, I'm sure they aren't pleasant. Already talk of the entire film being abandoned has started, but director and co-screenwriter Rob Heydon insists that the project will continue. Tension must be building though, as the director was quoted as saying, "We have replaced our PM (production manager) and line producer. They are obviously very bitter about it." However, the line producer has a very different version and was quoted in the article as saying, "the crew were due about £30,000. I have no idea where Rob gets any notions of our being bitter. Disappointed and frustrated are more accurate." Either way, it is not looking good for the film; fans of Welsh will just have to keep their fingers crossed until March.

[via Dark Horizons]
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