If you're one of those people burned out from the steaming pile of nonsense Hollywood has churned out over the past few years, then boy do I have a treat for you. You want action? You want adventure? You want non-stop combat, complete with some of the most creative death-defying moves ever witnessed before on the big screen? Well, then you'll most certainly want to see The Bass Master -- a new comedy, picked up by Lionsgate, which delves deep inside the high-octane world of competitive bass fishing. I'll pause for a moment while you catch your breath ...

Ready? Okay. Tab Murphy (Tarzan, My Best Friend Is a Vampire) and Devin Maurer wrote the script, and Todd Garner will produce through his Broken Road Prods. Now, The Bass Master is not to be confused with the video game or that other Bass fishing flick (wait, there's actually two of them?) that Martha told us about last August. No, that film is based on the autobiography of one Mike Iaconelli (I believe he has tattoos which cause him to yell a lot) and called Fishing on the Edge: The Mike Iaconelli Story. Because what good is fishing if you're not fishing on the edge?

Here's my question to you: Is bass fishing so insane that we need two feature films about the sport?

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