Harrison Ford may have agreed to pick up the whip and fedora once more, but he apparently has no interest in revisiting the other George Lucas franchise he's somewhat known for. According to a tipster for Britain's Daily Star, Lucas recently sounded Ford out about playing Hans Solo again for what would be an unknown seventh Star Wars project. "Harrison was horrified," says the tipster. "He told George he just couldn't face being stuck in a spaceship with Chewbacca again." Considering the vagueness of the source, it could possibly have been nothing more than a joke on Lucas's part, but the report also suggests that Lucas threw upwards of $40 million clams at Ford in order to gauge his willingness to do the part if the money was right. That sum is in the same ballpark as what Ford is already supposedly pulling down for the new Indiana Jones project.

That as-yet-untitled Indiana film, the first since 1989's Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, will begin shooting in locations around the world this June, with an aim to release sometime in 2008. Considering the long lead time that Lucas-Ford require for their joint projects, it's reasonable to assume that if Ford did agree to pilot the Millennium Falcon again, he'd be approaching 70 years of age by the time he actually strapped into the cockpit.

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