Well readers, the time of the great return may finally be upon us. No, not Jesus (although I suppose I can't guarantee that one) -- Hellboy. After a scary time in limbo when Guillermo del Toro and his team had to seek out a new studio to pick up the franchise, the stars are finally aligned for Hellboy 2. According to M&C, the power players behind the film are headed off to Budapest to begin some serious pre-production, stage one in bringing us a sequel.

Honestly, I don't worry a bit about the integrity of this film -- unlike other flicks which I nervously obsess over and feel the need to hunt for any tiny detail which might suggest hope. I've seen what this team does with the source material, and frankly, it is brilliant. What I do worry about with the Hellboy franchise is box office returns, because the reason del Toro was hunting for a new studio was the lackluster receipts from the first flick. It didn't tank, but it didn't rake in the cash studios hope for from comic book titles; which is a shame, because it is among the best of the current comic book movie blitz. Let's hope the impressive first offering will encourage a higher turnout for the second try.
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