'm not sure, but I think most of the movie pirates out there do not buy DVDs. But if they do buy DVDs in addition to all the burned or downloaded titles they steal, they're about to find out some horrible news: pirating movies is bad -- illegal even. New DVDs released this year will include special inserts supplied by DEG (Digital Entertainment Group) urging people to buy authentic DVDs rather than pirated copies. Again I'm not sure, but I thought the unavoidable FBI Warning message that plays before the movie already covered this ground.

Isn't this like car manufacturers putting fliers in vehicles urging new auto buyers not to steal other cars? Why remind someone who just bought your productto continue being a good consumer? It feels a little unappreciative to me. Even if the insert reads: "Thank you for buying this DVD and continuing to support Hollywood's efforts to entertain you," the honest spenders should feel a little annoyed.
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