So it is not exactly a big shock that I am not the biggest fan of Bratz dolls, but there are plenty of people who are, so that's probably why a live action movie is on the way. The story will follow our four heavily stylized friends through the pitfalls of peer pressure and fitting in, and all while draped in belly chains and eye makeup -- like I said, I'm not a big fan.

Variety announced that Paula Abdul would be joining Bratz – The Movie as a consultant for fashion, dancing, casting and music. Abdul started her career as a dancer and choreographer so I would think she might manage to squeeze in a dance number or two. Abdul will also be getting an executive producer credit on the film and will help in finding "talent" for the production. No casting announcements have been made yet, so I would guess that would be the first order of business. The film's director Sean McNamara, who is known for his work with the "tween set," is set to begin filming later this month and is eyeing an August release. No word on whether her duties as consultant and producer will cut into her busy schedule of giving nonsensical encouragement to American Idol hopefuls, but I'm sure Abdul will find time to fit it in her busy schedule.
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