Do you remember when MTV used to be completely centered around music and music videos? While other kids were watching cartoons, I'd slide out of bed and spend my Saturday with Toni Basil and memorizing the dance moves to Thriller. And then bit by bit, the station aired less and less music-related programming. Now it seems that IFC is following suit in the film world, and we'll be losing some of the home movie experience and narrowing the available space for independent film on television.

Obviously, other movie networks have found great success in steering away from movie-dominated programming and opening the lines up for adult shows. However, it seems less silly coming from something like "HBO" or "Showtime." IFC stands for Independent FILM Channel, so it's a bit harder to move away from the film aspect of the title, just like music and MTV. VP/general manager Evan Shapiro has said that the new television shows "are like true indie films." However, at the same time, he's also notes that this is the "first step toward untethering ourselves from just a film-centric focus." To me that sounds like the powers that be at IFC are sick of having a programming schedule full of film.

These things seem to move like clockwork, so it shouldn't be hard to determine the fate of IFC. These new shows will be the first step. Less independent fare will be shown until it becomes a big deal for the Independent Film Channel to air an independent film. Perhaps they will also come up with new words to associate with their abbreviation -- maybe the In Focus Channel? Anything that isn't blurry will be fair game! That's being petty, but is it too much to ask that if someone creates a great niche channel, especially about cinema, that they stick to it?
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