Even though Annie Hall is * 20 years old, Diane Keaton is still remembered for creating one of the best female characters in film history. The simple fact she managed to make a neurotic flake into a full-fledged icon deserves some respect. While only occasionally being offered dramatic film roles, notably in Marvin's Room, lately Keaton has been camped out in comedy, and there is no denying she has a flair for it so you can't blame her.

Universal Pictures has launched the website for the comedy Because I Said So, starring Keaton, Mandy Moore, and Lauren Graham from TV's Gilmore Girls. The site includes photos, the trailer, and for some reason wallpaper and AIM icons for download -- so you can be the first kid on your block with a Lauren Graham icon. Because I Said So looks like your typical mother-daughter feel-good comedy with some romance thrown in for good measure. Keaton plays the single mom of three adult daughters who is a little too involved in their love lives and not enough in her own. Luckily Keaton has enough charm to improve any movie, otherwise I could have never made it through The First Wives Club. So, while it may not be the most original plot, if you like your comedy warm and fuzzy, Because I Said So opens February 2nd.

* Correction: My math skills obviously aren't what they used to be, Annie Hall was released in 1977 so that makes it 30 years old.

[via JoBlo.com]