Yes, horror fans, it's true. And don't go blaming Ghost House Productions, because it was us who made last January's really terrible Boogeyman a big enough hit to warrant a follow-up. (Yes, Boogeyman made almost $47 million in domestic box office, and to this day I still have no freaking idea how it happened.)

We don't have much info just yet on Boogeyman 2, but I think it's safe to assume that it'll probably be better than the Boogeyman 2 movie that Ulli Lommel churned out in 1983 (mainly because Lommel's sequel was constructed almost exclusively from clips cribbed from Boogeyman 1). According to the production company's blog (and from ), the director on B2 will be Jeff Betancourt, a veteran film editor who'll be making his helming debut here. (To be fair, the guy did cut The Grudge, When a Stranger Calls and The Exorcism of Emily Rose, so he does have some experience with the horror genre. Too bad he's never worked on a good one.)

According to the IMDb, Boogeyman 2 spawns from a screenplay by first-timer Brian Sieve, and the early (uncomfirmed) cast list includes names like Renee O'Connor, Johnny Simmons and Angela Sarafyan. No word yet on when the flick will go direct to video hit theaters.

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