The title of this post says it all. According to an interview given by exec. producers Ron Moore and David Eick in the Chicago Tribune, they are developing and will be making a feature film version of one of the best shows on television: Battlestar Galactica. The film, which will feature all the same cast and crew, will bridge the gap between the TV show's third and fourth seasons. It will not, however, resolve the cliffhanger left at the end of season three which, according to Moore and Eick, "will take the show in a new and shocking direction."

Now, before you get too excited about the new film and go out and starting rioting in the streets celebrating it, I'm not talking about an actual theatrically released movie here -- at least not yet. Which is too bad because it would be really cool to see the show on the big screen. Although, it does look pretty great in HD now so I guess I'll survive without the big screen experience if it never comes. What I am talking about, however, is still a movie but one that will most likely go directly to DVD and also be shown on the Sci-Fi channel. So, not exactly a movie in the strictest sense of the word but still, close enough for me and, I'm sure, any fan of the show.

According to Moore and Eick, they will go forward with the film unless, for some reason, the show does not come back for a fourth season. In that case, the film is off and they will both be looking for work. As you may know, I love Sci-Fi and Battlestar Galactica is a great show that deserves all the exposure, versions and incarnations that it can possible get. So, I'm pretty excited by this announcement. Not rioting in the streets excited but . . . . Oh, one more thing. The interview also gives away some details about upcoming episodes of the show and what may happen to certain characters so if you don't want to know any of that stuff, stay away. In other words, spoiler alert! Don't say I didn't warn you
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