We get at least one of these suckers each year -- some city slicker goes on a trip to this remote, exotic area and, while there, somehow falls in love, re-discovers themselves and learns the true meaning of life. One recent example would be Russell Crowe's character in A Good Year, or how about Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun. Well, add Sandra Bullock's name to that list because she's just lined herself up to produce (though her Fortis Films) and most likely star in an adaptation of Marina Palmer's memoir Kiss and Tango(or, perhaps a more fitting and familiar title could be, A Good Year Under the Argentinian Sun).

Basically, you already know what happens -- some down-and-out American woman, unhappy with where life has taken her, decides to travel to Argentina where -- whaddya know -- she meets a handsome foreign man, learns to tango, shares a few kisses and decides to live out her days rediscovering herself and the meaning of her existence. Fox 2000 has snatched up the rights to Palmer's memoir and tapped Nicole Perlman to pen the script, which will be based off Palmer's own real-life experiences as an ex-advertising exec who quit her gig to play Sandra Bullock in a future film about herself.

Anyone else itching for Bullock to take on a role with a little more -- I don't know -- umph?

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