Sometimes logic has no place in movies, which isn't necessarily good or bad. Some seemingly unfilmable material has made its way to cinematic gold, whether due to its sheer size or structure. Other books hand the plot over on a nice, silver platter, only to have it come across as total muck on screen. And, if the adaptation doesn't seem to be able to translate as a clear bit of fiction, there are a number of films that have successfully employed the use of on-screen chapter markers and other previously-thought-of-as-textual devices.

Miramax's latest acquisition is, therefore, at a crossroads between the road of greatness and the road of wretchedness. Scott Rudin has just optioned the rights to Marisha Pessl's first novel, Special Topics in Calamity Physics. The woman definitely hit it out of the ballpark with her first published work. Before grabbing interest from Miramax, Calamity was listed in the Top Ten of 2006 by The New York Times. The novel centers on Blue Van Meer, a young intellectual and daughter of an academic who goes from moving from town to town to staying put in North Carolina -- which leads her into a murder mystery. The book is also infused with a slew of literary references from Shakespeare to Emilio Gadda. CHUD is definitely on-target with its Veronica Mars reference. Who cares about structure when you've got a tough teen detective?
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