Now this is one rumor I didn't expect to end up as reality: 29-year-old actress Danielle Harris has signed on to play ill-fated babysitter Annie Brackett in Rob Zombie'sHalloweenrebootreimagining remake. What makes this news particularly interesting (but only if you're a serious horror nerd) is that Danielle Harris already has extensive experience battling with psycho killer Michael Myers: She played little Jamie Lloyd in both Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989). (To this day I still get both titles mixed up; can't imagine why.)

Played by Nancy Loomis in John Carpenter's original Halloween, Annie Brackett is the brunette one who ends up on the business end of a ... Oh, my bad. I almost went all spoiler-y on you. The very idea that there's a movie freak out there who hasn't seen Halloween is just too weird to imagine, but I guess it's possible.

In juicily related news, reports that in the casting paperwork, it was made pretty clear that this role would require a small amount of nakedness ... and I'm just sure that piece of information made it into the public domain by pure accident. Rob Zombie would never try to sell a movie by blatantly promising some bare breasts. (I'm kidding; of course he would.)

Still no word on who'll be playing the old Jamie Lee Curtis character, but Zombie seems to enjoy dropping new cast info on any day that ends in a Y.
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