I have no doubt that there are going to be about a million-and-one new Simpsons items coming down the pipeline between now and when The Simpsons Movie is released this summer, but this mobile phone from Samsung is actually pretty nifty looking. Sure they come in Simpsons skin-tone colors, they'll probably come pre-loaded with Simpsons ringers, wallpapers, and everything else you can think of. But what has me so excited about it? That's right, the little donut charm hanging off the side. Call me crazy, call me insane, but that really makes me want one of these phones. Maybe I need professional help.

Check out FirstShowing.net where they have photos of these phones from CES in Las Vegas. Apparently these phones will also have exclusive content from The Simpsons Movie, probably in the form of video and audio clips, which would be pretty nifty. While only a hardcore Simpsonite would want to hold onto one of these phones, the novelty factor makes them pretty attractive. Although, if the phone shouts "D'oh!" every time it rings, then our love affair with them might be extremely short-lived.
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