At this point, stories about 2006 are so 2006, and everyone's gearing up for Sundance. You chat with your movie friends about Sundance films in impossibly reductive terms -- "Are you gonna cover the horse movie, or should I do that and you can see Dakota Fanning go through hell?" "Wow, they're press screening the documentary about the Rape of Nanking at 10:00 PM; party!" -- and try to get your interviews and socializing all jammed into the schedule. It's also a time of great changes: I'll be stepping down as editor in Chief of Cinematical at the end of January. Ryan Stewart will be taking over, and Erik Davis and Kim Voynar will be continuing in their roles; I'll still write for Cine, and getting back to more writing is exactly why I'm making this move. It's been a lot of fun, but at the end of the day, I think that Cinematical -- and myself -- are best served by this move.

Hope you're well,