I almost got beat up because of last year's World Cup. I was wearing an Italia sweater (not even mine) on a cool summer evening when someone shouted, "You'll never win the (insert expletive of your choice) World Cup." The person whose sweater I was wearing responded promptly saving me from having to reveal I knew nothing about the sport and possibly getting punched in the face. It was then I started paying attention and realized that soccer players and fans are filled with an unbelievable amount of passion -- hence the cursing and possible physical violence. Germany now has even more reason to love the sport since the documentary Germany. A Summer Fairytale has taken home an audience award from the Bavarian Film Festival.

The film documents all things having to do with Germany's team during last year's World Cup. In 2006, Italy may have taken home the ultimate win, but Germany still had a great year. It was the perfect time for Sönke Wortmann to make this film. Germany didn't have the best history in soccer but they kicked off the season winning against Costa Rica and continued to win until they faced Argentina. Germany hosted the final game and not only the players but the country were incredibly hospitable to soccer fans everywhere. In the end, Germany took home third place -- I think anything in the top three is remarkable.

Germany's love for soccer or, according to them, football, may be the reason for the film's overwhelming record breaking box office success. Congratulations to Wortmann and the team, and from now on you'll find me in a Germany sweater on cool summer evenings during the World Cup. Then, hopefully someone won't try to beat me up.
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