'Code Name: The Cleaner' may not have exactly cleaned up at the box office, or gotten halfway-decent reviews, or challenged the scientific fact that the crappiest of the crappity crap movies release in January, or ... Sorry, I could go on all day. (Really, I could. Look for my upcoming blog: KevinRamblesOnAboutHowCrappyCodeNametheCleanerIs.com/AndWhataCornyTitle). But seems we've found a silver lining: the movie makes a great forum for your caption prowess. Check out the winner below (while we don't condone messing with a man's weight, Amanda's jab at The Entertainer was too funny), then give us your best shot for the buzzworthy sci-fi tale 'Children of Men.' The film's set in an apocalyptic future (20 years from now) where the human race can no longer procreate. (Not even Britney, so it's not all bad.) Clive Owen is tasked with guarding the only pregnant woman on Earth. Tough gig? Maybe. But has he ever tried winning Insert Caption?

Code Name: The Cleaner

" Just give me back my sandwich and no one gets hurt!"
-- Amanda

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Children of Men

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