Does it ever end? As per usual, Batman On Film is spewing out random names of people they claim to be swirling around the Harvey Dent/Two Face role in Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins follow-up, The Dark Knight. As most of you are probably already aware, Billy Dee Williams played Harvey Dent (the District Attorney version) in Tim Burton's original Batman flick, while Tommy Lee Jones picked up the character when he re-emerged as Two Face in Batman Forever.

Nolan, on the other hand, seems like he wants the same actor to play both Dent and Two Face (even though there's a pretty good chance the latter baddie won't show up until the third film), and so casting in that respect is not only crucial, but probably pretty tough. You need an actor capable of playing a bold, straight-laced attorney -- but at the same time, someone comfortable with shaking off the good guy image and taking on the nutty, villainous psychopath. Is that something Jamie Foxx can do? After all, he is one of the three possible contenders mentioned -- along with Edward Norton (now, I love that choice) and Eion Bailey.

It's important to note that Norton's people have denied all involvement ... though, even if they did know something, there's no way they'd spill anything. Also, Bailey, like Cillian Murphy (who wound up in the part of Scarecrow in Batman Begins) was one of those folks competing for the Batman role before it went to Christian Bale. So, could Nolan pull a "Murphy" and stick Bailey in another role? Obviously he digs the guy, so anything is possible. As far as Jamie Foxx goes, we have no idea how his name found itself on this list ... buuuut, it certainly does raise a few eyebrows.

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