Finally! It's been awhile since we first reported on Charlie Kaufman's directorial debut -- a film now called Synecdoche, New York -- and I, personally, have been itching to know more more more. The only info available back in August was that Philip Seymour Hoffman and Michelle Williams had signed on to star in the pic, which supposedly revolves around an "anguished playright and several women in his life." Anguished playright? Several women? Where in the world was Kaufman -- who has made a name for himself with his larger-than-life ideas (see: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Adaptation and Being John Malkovich) -- going with this?

Thanks to the Hollywood Reporter, we now know Catherine Keener, Samantha Morton and Tilda Swinton will join Hoffman and Williams in a story that has Hoffman playing a theater director who comes up with an idea to stage a play inside a warehouse. Oh, but not just any play -- we're talking about one that attempts to utilize a life-size replica of New York as its backdrop. That Kaufman and his wacky ideas. Spike Jonze, along with Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, Likely Story (Anthony Bregman's new digs) and Kaufman himself will produce, while Kaufman wrote and will direct the pic.

Keener, a long-time Jonze/Kaufman collaborator, is set to play Hoffman's first wife in the film, Williams will play his second wife, Morton his on again, off again lover and Swinton has come on as Keener's best friend and mentor to Hoffman and Keener's daughter. The story itself goes a lot deeper than what's being presented to us on the surface, so for those interested in knowing more, feel free to skip on over to AICN for a tasty, spoiler-esque script review. As of now, it appears Synecdoche, New York will hit theaters sometime later this year.

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