Everyone knows I'm a big fat sucker for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, so you can probably expect a whole lot of Pirate-related booty to churn out of my keyboard over the next four-plus months. Case in point: AICN just got their hands on a half-dozen rather nifty promotional pics for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. And obviously I think they're awesome.

We get single character posters for the dashing William Turner, the lovely Elizabeth Swann, the exceedingly eccentric Captain Jack, the wonderfully resurgent Barbossa and -- oh, cool -- our first good shot of Chow Yun Fat as Captain Sao Feng -- whom I'm willing to bet is a baddie.

The coolest promo piece by far is one that collects all five characters into one fairly slick pic. Click right here to enjoy the piratical promotionals. (POTC3 opens on May 25, don't forget. I'm trying to drum up a little support for this little series.)
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