I love the European term "redundant," don't you? As in the phrase, "I say, old chap, I'm afraid you've been made redundant. Security has packed your worldly possessions into this cardboard box for you, you'll be home in time foe tea. Ta-ta!" It sounds ever so much more polite than "you're fired." I don't know if there's some weird alignment of the stars, or if there's just something about post-holiday grumpiness that leads to people getting canned, but yesterday's shakeup at Paramount wasn't the only rearranging of things in the works, it seems.

Variety reports this morning that over across the Atlantic, Momentum Pictures managing director Xavier Marchand has been "suspended" -- what the hell that means, exactly, no one is saying -- with former Sony exec Richard Napper (who was himself made redundant by Sony not so long ago) named interim managing director effective immediately. Meanwhile, Momentum's senior VP of European operations, Yu-Fai Suen, was made redundant.

Variety hints that there may be more to the story: CanWest Communications is negotiating to buy Alliance Atlantis Communications, which owns 51% of Motion Picture Distribution, Momentum's parent co, in a deal that would give the Canadian arm of Goldman Sachs that 51% stake in MPD. Marchard, along with former MPD execs Patrice Theroux and Victor Loewy, tried to negotiate a management buy-out last summer.

No idea what the real behind-the-scenes story is, but with all these upheavals and redundancies, there's got to be a good Hollywood back-stabbing flick in there somewhere ...
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