Sure, there are a lot of benefits to speed dating. You speed through a bunch of unimpressive candidates and get face-to-face time with people who are also looking for someone to spend Friday night with. At the same time, how much do you learn from a first impression and can you make a value judgement based on a speedy self-sales pitch? The Berlin International Film Festival seems to think so. Amongst the many opportunities for filmmakers to meet financial backers in the German city is their own form of swift selling.

When case studies on financing films gets to be too much, prospective sellers and buyers can partake in "speed matchings" and "country tables." This will be great for the people and places that will inevitably be zeroed in on. Of the US projects up for grabs is The Man with Kaleidoscope Eyes from Joe Dante, who is responsible for two eighties classics -- Gremlins and Innerspace. Two other notable names looking for backing come from the Maple Leaf Land of Canada -- Sarah Polley, actress-turned-director and Clément Virgo, who was responsible for last year's super-saucy Lie with Me.

So, sure, this will be great for them. Their names have magnetic pull and are sure to attract much interest from those with cash to burn. However, what of the other films that make up the 37? I don't envy them and the stellar sales pitch they've got to create. Then again, maybe this is the way to go. With the clock ticking, maybe the world can finally stop some pictures before they ever get made ... but that is just wishful thinking.
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