We've been following the Mamma Mia! trail for quite a while now, from when it was first brought up to its official stamp in the trades yesterday. And, in between, we even reported on a few of those casting rumors -- the most important being (it seems) the actress who will take on the role of Mamma. Early rumors suggested Michelle Pfeiffer might take on the part, what with her involvement in the new film version of Hairspray and, well, I'm sure no one has forgotten about her fantabulous performance in Grease 2. Other names floating about the pot were Nicole Kidman (odd, but I can see why), Meryl Streep (odder) and Kim Basinger (oddest).

Now, only a day after Mamma Mia! once again swept through our office, comes word that Meryl Streep will play Donna -- a single mother who looks to reunite her daughter on her wedding day with a trio of ex-boyfriends, one of which might be the long lost father she never knew. Now before you start jumping down my throat for saying Streep is an odd choice for the role, I will acknowledge that the woman is known for occasionally belting it out, most recently in Robert Altman's A Prairie Home Companion. And, out of the four women mentioned above, I feel Streep is probably the best choice -- not the perfect choice -- but one that will definitely entice folks into splurging on a ticket.

Hey, it's better than John Travolta in a dress, right?

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